What does it mean to navigate authenticity?  Our authentic self can get lost under layers of life.  Who we are at our core can become distorted by the life events that happen to us.  Uncovering or rediscovering our authentic self can be a daunting job, and yet one of the most fulfilling things you can do.  There are many ways you can proceed.  In this site we will offer some avenues to assist you in that quest. 

Foggy Days

 Our life journey consists of opportunities to fine tune our character. How well we navigate the unexpected, determines the length of the season and the depth of the lesson. In RE-SET we learn from the journey of 3 people as we drop in on life changing moments they experience. Sometimes our journey requires us to step away from the ordinary to experience the extraordinary. If you are ready to wrestle with soul change, this book will provide you with practical tools and guidance, as well as encouragement and hope.

BOOKS:  Here are my books available on Amazon.  Some are free on Kindle.  All are available in paper format.  

PURPOSE:​   Charting a course for people to discover their infinite value through authentic living. 

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​Wisdom moves with slow steadiness forward toward depth.

Re-Set, The Challenge of Soul Change

Navigating   is   Intentional


Upcoming training opportunities:

 T R A I N I N G....

There will be some free teaching available soon on some of the principles in the book that will focus on identifying how your authenticity gets impacted by layers of life, how to begin the process of defragmenting your core, and developing plans for your continued journey.   Later there will be modules you can purchase.                                                  

                   When life takes you in an unexpected direction....

Have you ever had an event happen that left you gasping for air, wondering if you would be able to take your next breath?   Life is filled with unexpected events.  Many of them leave us on the sidelines wondering what just happened.  These moments can provide us necessary information to assist us in untangling layers of our life that have formed a protective coating over our core self.  Looking within is difficult work.  Looking at the layers of life we have accumulated can be frightening.  In looking at the deep layers in our lives it is possible for us to heal, move forward with strength, and become even stronger in our core.  The hope and philosophy of this group is to add value to your life by giving you tools to assist you with the process of strengthening your core.  Each of us is uniquely different, however the process for all of us is similar.  It begins with the first step of bravely looking within.  in my book, Re-Set, you will find many answers to these questions. There will be some free teaching available based on the principles in the book and later modules you can purchase. 


At times life can seem like a foggy day at the sea.  When the fog settles in and you are unable to find your way, even with the light of 'a lighthouse' pointing the way, finding solid footing can seem impossible.